Jubilee Enterprise participates and develops multiple projects that included finance, accounting and IT trainings for various levels of proficiency. Our workshops have attracted audiences of up to five hundred participants and range from single workshop to multiday trainings designed to address the important aspects of starting and maintaining a business.  Whether it is a tech,  social, agri-, woman -owned, pro-planet or just a locally owned enterprise.

Below is a small sample of our  projects over recent years.

  1. Social Enterprise Academy

    We help people to transform themselves, their teams and their organisations, so that they have more  impact. 

  2. Graca Machel Trust (Women Empowerment)
    Volunteered and participated in the 1 year enterprise development initiative called Women Creating Wealth. The initiative was developed by the Graca Machel Trust and it took place during February- December 2016. It successfully trained and worked with 35 local women entrepreneurs along with the Ministry of Gender, Local Private Sector and NGO partners.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Womencreatingwealthinmalawi/
  4. Invegrow (Industrial Hemp)
    Become an official media partner in the legislation of industrial hemp, a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis that has over 55000 different possible products and will significantly improve the economy of the country.
  5. Lilongwe Pitch Night
    Jubilee Enterprise pioneered and launched a monthly forum for investors and collaborators to engage in the process of capacity building, networking and enterprise growth assistance through discussion and presentation of innovative business ideas. Lilongwe Pitch Night is very successful in establishing the link between successful businesses and young entrepreneurs. Further details can be found at mHub.
  6. Zitheka Entrepreneurship Workshops for UK-in-Malawi
    Zitheka Entrepreneurship Workshops for British Council Business training courses to raise awareness of entrepreneurship opportunities amongst young Malawians. The courses provide a solid background to help create Business Plans, develop robust budget and to acquire an understanding of international level business practices.
  7. US Public Affairs Section
    Facilitate training, forums, MOOC camps and the Net Book project.