Investment Opportunities

Here are some Entrepreneurs we have identified and trained. They show great promise in their businesses and are looking for financing, market and partnership opportunities to help them grow their business.

Zoe Miller and Suppliers

“As a businessman, sometimes you can stagnate and the workshop really opened up my eyes to bigger and brighter possibilities” – Enock Mkumbwa

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“Zitheka! was encouraging for me. Firstly, it helped me realize I was on the right track!” – Kylie Uta Brown

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Malambe Juice

A Malawi based Baobab products company seeking to create a distribution network in Malawi and beyond.
Company has been in existence for several years with strong presence in parts of the country and is looking to expand with the help of innovative marketing and improved logistics


Founded by David Kwambisi Jr, is a dynamic, and high quality media company, best known for photography and videography services.

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Creative agency working in the areas of Online PR, Image Consultancy/Styling, Events/Production Management and Bookings. For Malawians/Africans in Malawi and the Diaspora.
Current Product /Services :
specializes in innovative, strategic and targeted PR services for the entertainment industry. Our main services cover Online PR (Social Media), Image Consultancy/Styling and Events/Production Management.
Looking For : ICT Equipment, Gazebos, Sound/Audio-visual Equipment

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 Nthalo: The Good Food Store

A Family restaurant, home grown, with a local following and opportunity to expand to neighboring countries, with its African set up and aromatic Malawian dishes. It is a truly Pan African initiative. Promoting culture and healthy lifestyles

Pace courier Ltd

A Malawian logistics company providing Courier, Transportation ,supply chain services and Customs clearing.

Padoko Technologies

Padoko Charger company started with the design and construction of bicycle powered phone chargers, winning both local and international awards in 2014.
Current Status: Finished Prototype, with large domestic market

Magnetic Power

Setting Hydropower plants in rural areas to set up electricity, irrigation and trade within runs of the river systems within the country, which produces 50kW of power at each site.
The main objective of the power plant is to provide energy for socio economic development of rural district.
Expansion to other rural areas in the country that is 600 hydropower sites.

Excelon Technologies

An IT Start-Up located in Lilongwe, Malawi. With a main focus on websites, online solutions and apps but with dealings in many other concentrations including networking, hardware and procurement.
Looking For Expansion into:
Hardware: Assembling Low End Smart phones
Training services

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Pata Mosquito Repellant Balm

Balm created from locally available ingredients: Bees Wax, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil and Lemongrass Oil (essential oil).Leaves the skin soft and repels mosquitoes.
Current Status: prototype complete

Horizon Design and Marketing Consultants

Company Description: Description: Partnership of 2 young IT architects, that design applications and video games for their market.
Horizon builds unique designs through 3d Technology. It handles both Residential and Commercial Projects of any scale.

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A media company known for its photography skill in Southern Africa, recognised by the UK Guardian and the Tanzania Fashion Week
Current Product /Services :Graphic Design, Web/App Development, Photography, Videography

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Nationwide Media

A team of exquisite sound engineers for all your PA and sound needs at every event.

Kwacha Events

For superb decor!

Niffat Lokosang

Local, intercontinental and creative dishes for all events. Niffat does deliveries and bakes !

Platinum Suites

Woman owned hotel in area 12 with amazing catering services and comfortable rooms.